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My Personal Testimonial of what the Neothink Society meant and means to me one word “HAPPY”.   I have discovered my child of the past; I discovered my Friday night Essence. 

Neothink Society empowered me to power think and now I am living the life that I was meant to live.  I create value that is meaningful.   I now know the true meaning of LOVE.

Neothink Society has taught me how to create a Mini Day schedule that enables me to accomplish more with my business and that motivates me to do more.

Neothink Society helped me to step out of my comfort Neothink Societye and change my mindset.

CHANGE, I could only imagine the changes that I/We will experience and most of all to be apart of creating the changes in this world, moving beyond the Bicameral mode into the integrating mode.

Neothink Society helped me realized that this is a numbers game.  The more people you reach out too, you want to reach out to even more people.  That is creating VALUE.

To SUM it up, we are helping the poor to become millionaires.

I am honored to be one of Mark Hamilton’s apprentices and I thank Mark Hamilton/Neothink Society for finding me.

We want you to see for yourself, Neothink Society can help you discover your child of the past, learn to PLAY as an adult and create VALUE as well.

Houston Power Thinkers 
Houston, TX

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