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My mind is well educated, my soul, free of dishonesties.  The Neothink Society is opening the doors to the Life I was Meant To Live.  There’s nothing more to ask for in Life than for Happiness.  I am aware that wealth is going to come with the values I create.  The Neothink Society is the place for all mankind to prosper through value creation.  Honesty is the fundamental filter that brings mental chaos to order. It is through consciousness that we will filter out all dishonesties from within our conscious minds, to better understand our purpose in Life.  Dishonesty is destructive in any Society that exists.  Being aware of this concept, I am becoming a very happy, and prosperous individual within our growing Society through self-honesty.  This journey to the better Life is stimulating and exciting!  We have a huge responsibility to bring new minds to our growing Society of Honesty, Happiness, and Prosperity.  I am the example of an honest, valuable citizen within the Neothink Society.  The knowledge brought to new members is worth more than money.  It is up to you, the individual, to learn and apply the values our Society has for you. The Neothink Society has all the knowledge you need to become the happiest person you can ever be. 

Jonathan – Born 3/25/1981
Friday-Night Essence – Hip-Hop Emcee
Happily Married Father of One Child…

New England Visions Super A Team 
Rochester, NH

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