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 I consider myself a very honest man and those who know me can vouch for that. I’ve always tried to do what’s right for my family and friends and very rarely do things for myself. For the past eight years I had been going through a separation. Four of those years I lived alone. I moved to Phoenix to work in the corporate office for the company I work for. It was VERY hard for me trying to adjust being alone. I’ve always had family and or friends around me. They always came to me with their problems. They trusted me and knew I would do or say something to make them feel better. Some say I came to Phoenix to run away from those problems? I am not so sure they were wrong? Living alone had really made my self esteem take a huge dive drawing me into a strong state of depression which I had to hide from my coworkers and friends. Four VERY long years. Barely making it practically starving myself having a mortgage at home, credit card payments and putting 2 girls through college while also paying rent and making a living here in Phoenix. I started living ONLY for my girls. They kept me going.
    I have always been able to tell when people are trying to sell me something or get me to join some kind of cult. I can smell them a mile away. The Neothink Society was different. No calls in the middle of dinner and no salespeople showing up at my door. Just one simple letter in the mail with a VERY powerful message. I knew this was something I had to get more information on. I have always kept on top of things that make me feel and look better dealing with the power of the mind.
    When I read the first multigenerational it surprised me how much I had been using most of those techniques for years without really knowing how to control them. Then after reading through the rest of the material and understanding why my life was the way it was, I finally felt like a BIG load had been taken off my shoulders. My problems started disappearing. I started feeling better about myself. I was able to get more work done. Do things I oof. Because of the Neothink Society I am a BETTER Human being now. I am feeling Younger, Stronger and smarter. My friends call me Superman. They all know what I’ve been through and can’t believe how my life is changing for the better. I run marathons to keep fit and young. I bought an income property which I own and maintain. I also bought my first fixer upper house. I am well on my way to retiring early from the company I work for. These have been my retirement dreams for so long and now finally coming true all because of what I learned from the Neothink Society. I’ve been a skeptic all my life and was kind of getting used to the idea that there was no hope of saving this world. With the Neothink Society the World now has a MAJOR chance. People need to be made aware of this system. I’m living proof.



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West Phoenix, AZ

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