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When I was contacted by the Neothink Society through U.S. mail approximately four years ago, I thought it was another one of the myriad mail scams so many of us have seen and thrown into the garbage. All this talk of gaining wealth, love, control of everything, being a part of a parallel society of the super rich if I chose to respond to the letter. I thought, “Yeah Right.” But something about the letter from the Neothink Society intrigued me. I figured, “What the heck”, and responded to the letter.

Soon thereafter, I received a response and subsequent correspondence. Each letter I received seemed to speak to me on a primordial level. Could it be that the answers to many of life\’s mysteries were within my grasp? I then decided to see how deep the rabbit hole went. What I discovered was mind blowing, but at the same time familiar, as if I had known it all along.

The information in the Neothink Society literature allowed me to crystallize so many of the nebulous concepts, thoughts and ideas that had been kicking around in my mind for years. Then applying the information, and actually seeing results cemented my belief that the Neothink Society is the real deal.

Since integrating the age-old knowledge and amazingly effective secret techniques found in the Neothink Society literature into my life, I have reached unprecedented levels of efficiency on my job. The information contained in the Neothink Society literature has allowed me to learn how to create wealth, and how to experience an increasingly romantic love relationship with my wife. Sometimes I cannot believe how good my life is. No longer will I walk through life ignorant to the reality of what is and to the supreme value of self-leadership.

I am now on an amazing journey of adventure and discovery, moving forward and never looking back. I am doing and accomplishing things I only dreamed of. Thank you, Neothink Society for showing me the way to true wealth, health, amazing love, and total mastery.



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