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This is my third testimonial in my journey with MH as mentor in the Neothink Society.

Let me start with a million dollar question. Where are the Millions as you said and promised in this journey… as I am approaching level 10 meeting?

Now, that I am going to share my real life journey with you MH and all the members of the Neothink Society…( please hold your breath; bacause…) AT PRESENT…I AM NEGATVE FINANCIALLY… DOWN-UNDER…DRAINED.

My short history; as a realtor, I had over-expanded and when the market changes…all that I had are gone. (Houses, money and even my good relationship with friends and family). My last and only house left is going to an auction by the end of this month. Having all this credit cards and other bills pilling-up for not enough income to pay them… makes me negative down-under.

As Choosen and fortunate being; invited to the Neothink Society…these are not good testimonial to share, but I believe in reality that before you rise-up any level of success in life’s journey, you have to make yourself qualified and prepared enough to take everything good that is coming to you and be able to sustain, and keep it forever.

I had read the 3 multigenerational and re-read them hoping; that I can get more integrations. I’m up-to-date with the level meetings and the A-team meetings. In short, I’m fully equipped with the tools in life’s challenges. WHY? and Where are the Millions?

From here; Allow me to share my vision: Millions and Richness in life does not come to you if you don’t know how to find them. They are just in the corner; may be under your bed or in your dreams.( I had tried gambling and buy lotto tickets hoping an instant million for the taking). It’s all frustration and desperation. Now that you, who read this, and any member of the society who seek for the millions will find it here…(in my testimonial).

In order to become a millionaire…it is a must that you know how to give…and you shall receive…infinitely.

It was Wednesday morning…I was driving and my cell phone ring and he said: I’m Michael a Neothink Society member in Sacramento who gave me a number He said, listen to the presentation and call me back at my number). I call him back but I was not able to join because I’m broke. I share this to anyone… if I only have the money to give; I could be in already. Those who seek for the million and has the money to join …please don’t pass this opportunity. MY VISION… you will become a millionaire. Believe me and believe in yourself. Even I’m not in yet, but I believe someone will bring me in.

My second vision is change yourself/myself and act and think as a millionaire. Keep-it-up. Continue the act of creating and giving to others to allow more and more good things to come into your life.

Those who read my testimonial… you must be fortunate enough; please share any “Neo-Think” you have for others to benefit and you don’t know…it can change live’s… for the better.

Simplicio A 

San Francisco Region 
San Francisco Bay area and surrounding cities, CA

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