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My Testimonial:
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers. My life was at a low point when I received my invitation in the mail to take a Journey for one year and make friends that would last a life time. My life would change forever.  To Join the enlightened few that parallel the Masses.  To Live the Life I was meant to Live, is what it read. 

I didn’t see in my mind a business opportunity, but I hoped possibly a wealth of knowledge. Much to my surprise. The second mailing and then the pamphlet with the short stories. I was in awe. I had to get the Multigenerational Pkgs.

 I knew a strike at the plant was possible so I needed a plan. Half way through the Second Multigenerational we were on strike for the next 88 days. I spent the last money I had on the Third Multigenerational. I wasn’t scared of loosing anything at this point. I had a pot of gold in these books. By the time I finished the Third Multigenerational and I was ready to attend the first meeting ever with Mark Hamilton online, the strike ended.

Back to work I went with all this knowledge and time to integrate my thoughts while I was off, I was not the same person. I have always been liked by management, but they couldn’t believe how much changed. I am more confident because I can see a bigger picture now. I make my mini day out of their schedule, (I see puzzle pictures) and attack it every day with control.

I am applying the tools and techniques in everything I do now.  I’m happier now than I’ve been in a long time.

The Literature in the MULTIGENERATIONALS brought out hidden talents by removing fears and obstacles. It released the chains in my mind that held me back with fear and incompetence.  It helps me see through Pure Love and Honesty to the true essence, to “what is”.  My thoughts and actions are more confidently integrated. I’m constantly in a change for the better. To live the life I was meant to live, every day, from this day forward. That’s a promise to myself. Mark Hamilton has delivered on his promise to me.

 Thanks for the BIG SUPER PUZZLE Mark.
 Much love, John

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