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My Testimonial: I’m sorry it took so long. Finally my testimonial. There are some things that I have believed all my life. Have always believed in the innocence of children (three sons and six grandchildren). From birth to about five, they are precious. Once they start school and get exposed to all of life’s mysticisms, that changes. All my life I believed that in society there was a job for everyone that they would love so much, that they would do it for free if they didn’t have to make a living. Until I started reading the multigenerationals, I didn’t know what mysticism and Friday Night Essence was. All I knew was that it sure fit what I believed in. I have also always used To Do Lists, so that the adaption to mini-days was fairly simple. I took quite a while getting through the multigenerationals. I was widowed and went through some bad times. A year and a half ago, I was introduced to a lady (Cathy) that helped change my life. It seems that we were made for each other. I completed my multigenerationals, completed Mark’s lessons through ten and am current on teleconferences and E-Mails. I belong to the Minnesota A-Team in the Twin Cities and hope to start a St. Cloud A-Team and a Twelve Visions Party. In my personal life I own a duplex that I rent part of to a couple that are really excited about the Neothink Society and TVP. We are building a business involving the manufacture of crafts, miniature buildings and structures for garden model railroads and yard ponds. I’m retired from home building and cabinet making and this business is really my Friday Night Essence. The whole thing is really compatible with the Neothink Society total program. Am also out some life prolonging Goji Juice and if it works will share it with others. I will do anything I can to expand the Neothink Society.  Lynn

Minnesota A-Team 
St Paul, MN

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