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My Testimonial:
Hello :)….Those who know us, know of our work with Dr. Z (also of our Southern California Super A Team) and the CP (Chris) Medical Symposium(s). Those who know of our work also know of our dedication to helping humanity. We are dedicated to the theme: “live better, live longer”…Our dedication to this cause is directly related to our knowledge learned through the  story, the teachings of Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society group, as a whole…  Barbie and I want all Neothink Society members to join in this revolution. The revolution,,,,, a evolution of mankind… this evolution of man-kind will change the world we live in, for all time…scan around the site, click our pictures, videos and special links. View all the opportunities and then tell us, what you like best about the site… your input is critical…. Don’t forget to view our 5 minute Cup O Coffee in the (Video section of our) Neo-space… very inspirational piece… you will, as others do, come back often!!!!


Neothink Society® of Southern California Super A-Team 
Southern California, CA

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