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I currently work at a local college and watch these college students studying the same old way that I did with the exception they now have calculators and computers to do a lot of their work.  I see them working in teams, which was called cheating when I was a kid.  However, what they are not learning is to get the whole picture and connect dots to really understand their subject matter.  I see many students learning disconnected subject matters.  And working really hard at it.

I, as that student of long ago, never got that concept, never appreciated learning, always seemed to be out of step with everyone else.  I just didn’t fit into the norm, thus feeling isolated and alone.  I fought and kept out of authorities’ way.  I rebelled when I had to do something without any choice in it.  Thus, I became robotic in doing what society wanted me to do in order to fit in.

Have you felt that way?

I questioned a great deal of what was going on and really didn’t get any answers.  My gut told me that things were not as they ought to be.  What was wrong?  Was it me?  Was it “them”?  I never got the answers to these and many thousands of other questions I asked of myself.  I never surrendered and always felt imprisoned in something I knew not what.
I was desperate after 20 years of searching to find out if it was me or was it “them”.

I had hit another bottom in 2006 and was crawling out of the hole with yet another seminar that would truly help me and my financial horrors.  It indeed helped me release some stuff.

However, what awaited me upon my return home from that weekend seminar was the invitation from Mark Hamilton to read the first volume of the three Multigenerational package. It was dealing with all the areas I truly felt were my destiny.

I vacuumed down these books as they were exactly what I wanted and needed in my life at that moment.  It was such a god shot. 

Has anyone given you that chance to know you were receiving the missing data for your life?

I am here to say that was exactly what I was given with the 12 Visions that Mark elaborated on in the Multigenerational editions that I received.  It was the first time I truly understood how to manage my life in a manner I liked to work.  I also found that I was not alone with these books, as so often happens with self-help books, which I had been working through most of my life.

I was invited to join a group of people that thought, searched for and found the true secrets of living a full, prosperous life and to have companionship as we walked the road of freedom, enrichment and true love and respect for my fellow man. The fear tactics, the government manipulation, the dumbing down of our children and the religious/political coercion are not part of these books.  There is only freedom of thought, freedom to integrate our experiences into to bigger pictures of what can be done, freedom to be myself and be better at being myself. 

I have gone through such a metamorphosis during these past 2 years, it amazes me how much has changed, how I have changed, how my friends have changed and the opportunities to expand even further.

I don’t ask if it is “them” anymore.  I know that I have the understanding and ability to stand up for myself, to be articulate, to comprehend the tactics that are suppressing our country and the world for the greed of the few.

Together my friends in the Neothink Society are making a difference in how they live, how I live and how I communicate with other people.  Many of you are seeking, Remember “seek and ye shall find”.  Open that door of opportunity that Mark is giving you and come on in, you will be able to leave that burden of guilt, that question of “am I all alone thinking these ‘weird’ thoughts that something is wrong around me, is the world crazy?”

It is not you.  I felt that way and I have total relief that I am on my path of complete clarity and greater intelligence and ability than I have ever had in my life.  I am a senior citizen feeling like a kid again.

Come and join us.  Life awaits you for the first time.

Spartanburg, SC
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