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 In the beginning of July,2008 I received my first Multigenerational book. I was seven months sober. I don’t know why I was contacted by the Neothink Society. I started reading the book. After reading I couldn’t believe what I was reading? I had at times thought of some of the concepts and secrets that there must be a different civilization than the one I was living in and controlling my whole life, others who lived in another civilization not affected by this civilization. I used to drink over the anticivlization’s control over my life.
   I can remember when I used integrated thinking some times in my life in the past and didn’t know I was doing that. I can remember at times when I tapped into my friday-night essence, and was filled with happiness and euphoria, with no alcohol.
I have been pursuing my childhood talent all my life in my artistic field, but didn’t think it was anything special? Only when I accomplidhed something incredible did I feel that happiness.
   When I was a child,I always question religion and authority. I used to ask my parents questions over and over again (I know I drove them crazy),Why? But why is that the answer? I always thought I was different, I thought differently.
   I’m excited about meeting more people in the Neothink Society. Oh yeah, I’m over a year sober now! I am a child prodigy and didn’t know it.
My other siblings were always in awe of my accomplishments. I thought I was normal, it was no big deal! Looking forward to meeting other Neothink Society members.


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Southern California, CA

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