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My name is Jeffrey. I have been a member of the Neothink Society for two years. Over the past two years, my life has changed dramatically – to the point where I hardly recognize the person I was once, or the attitudes I once held.

My life has always been decent and much of it has been wonderful. However, I always felt lost, as though I didn’t belong or fit in. I never took refuge in the way things are and I’ve been suspect of almost everything. I always felt there had to be something more – that something was missing – that somehow, a great con was playing out at the world’s expense. I’ve felt this way since I was 8 years old and I’ve been searching since I was 8 for an answer that would satisfy. But no matter what books I read, which philosophies, psychologies, religions, beliefs or theories I investigated, nothing quenched my discontent.

Two years ago, I reached a low point in my life. I was on a path of self-destruction. I was wasting my power and brilliance pursuing nonsense. I was going nowhere. Then, a letter of introduction to the Neothink Society arrived at my door.

I remember lying in my bed, hung-over, sick with frustration; unwilling to get up and face the day. I remember reading that letter over and over, hoping what it promised for my life was true. In my heart, I knew it was true and I spent that day dreaming of the life I was meant to live

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and when I finally held the Secrets in my hand, I eagerly took that first step. Then I took another, and another, and another. I applied the Secrets to my life and my perspectives instantly changed. My life became magical. My dissatisfaction started to fade. For the first time since I was a child, since that day I’d sold my integrity for uncertainty, I felt right in the world.

Then one day, after a month, I had a moment of doubt. I began to wonder if I’d actually achieved something. Was I simply dreaming? Were the Secrets real or wishful thinking – mere words in a book?

I am an artist and when I looked back over what I’d been doing that past month; I was astounded, blown away. Staring me in the face were twenty new oil paintings – more than I had done the previous year. And that wasn’t all. I was writing my first screenplay and it was making progress. Also, I had taken my fumbling skills on guitar and turned them into something remarkable. I’d also lost my belittling attitude and was now happy to jam with other people.

I saw that my life had turned golden. My health had improved dramatically. My cynicism had disappeared. Where I once saw endless problems, dismay and despair, I now saw endless opportunity, happiness and hope. People were suddenly interested in meeting me. I had new friends. My life was vibrant and alive.

My journey continues to unfold and has taken turns I never imagined possible. As one who once hated business, I’m now engaged in creating my own business – one that integrates many different aspects of my talents and newly acquired skills, and focuses them into a solid, cohesive enterprise.

I’ve always dreamed of having a fabulous body – solid and ripped with a washboard waist. Today, I have that body. I love my body as I love my life. It is a testament to all that I have and can achieve. It is a testament to living the life I was meant to live – to creating art, to furthering my writing, to playing in a band, to building my own business, to becoming a yoga master, and to being in the Neothink Society amongst a group of wonderful friends who are bettering the world and offering our vision of honest living to everyone.

I can only begin to imagine what my life will be like two years from now. However, I am certain of one thing; it will be glorious, rewarding, and filled with light.


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