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What has the Neothink Society done for me? It’s opened up my eyes to how the world really works and how the ruling class “elites” have held the honest workers down so they can advance their own personal agendas.

Discovering how to become my own authority, without depending on external guidance, has freed me from all the guilt that has been placed on me since childhood. Free from self imposed guilt[their most powerful weapon] has awakened my desire for living again.

I always knew something just wasn\’t right about how we lived our lives. We lived in an endless cycle of ups and downs created by the ruling class to control us. Now I\’ve found people who are free from that trap and working for a new society of free thinkers and self authority.

Any person interested in learning more about the Neothink Society business alliance, political party, or any other questions, please contact me at email secrets@cavtel.net,


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