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Dear friends:

I have learned a lot of new knowledge from Hamilton packages.  My mind gets open and fresh. I would like to summary four majors by following:

1, I grew up in China. I was always educated by idea: Women could hold half of sky as same as men; women and men are equal.
In the Neothink Society. I learned women could really look up men. Women help their husbands forward in their careers. Husbands become much more successful and wives become more supportive.

2, Value creation is the key to happiness. Happiness is the reason for living. People work in their friday-night essence, and feel more peaceful and happy. They would be easy create value.

3, Secret society teaches me how to run home business. Using neothink mind, and under control to break limit is tool to run business from small to be big. people handle more responsiblities, and they would creat more value and get more respect.

4, knowledge is power, but create new knowledge is supper power.
 Many Genius would use their power to take care of sick and old people. How beautiful world could be. I expect!


Capital A Team-Northern California(CaT-NC) 
Sacramento, CA

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