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I remember sitting on my bed staring at the wall and thinking to myself, “So this is what people mean when they say they feel like the walls are closing in on them.” I was depressed. I felt like I was in a deep pit with no way out and I was exhausted from trying. I felt hopeless. I was in physical pain from the depression. It was about this time that the Neothink Society sent me a letter. It said I was special, it offered to help me be the person I was meant to be and to live the life I dreamed of. I thought, “Oh great, another sales letter, but these guys are good.” I was curious about how they were going to deliver on what were obviously outrageous claims.

After reading the letter I noticed something. I felt good. And, this good feeling lasted a good 45 minutes. Now if you’ve ever been depressed, you will understand that this was like a life line to a drowning man. 45 minutes of feeling good was enough to give me hope and get me through the day. I responded to the letter and enjoyed the anticipation of getting their booklet. I had several days of something to look forward to.

When I started getting my multigenerational packages I was able to start to identify my biggest mysticisms and self-imposed barriers to my own success. I stopped blaming others and started taking responsibility for my situation. This was a hard one because everything was my wife’s fault, even when I knew it wasn’t. Some of you married men will understand that last sentence. The multigenerational packages helped me get organized and to work more efficiently. I had been working 7 days a week for the last 9 years. I can count my days off in a year on one hand. It helped me find my Friday Night Essence. This was difficult because I hadn’t had many Friday nights off and no weekends off in over 9 years. I spent months working on discovering my FNE going further and further back in time to my childhood. I would “try on” an FNE for a week or so and see “how it fit”. When I finally allowed myself to admit it, I found it was drawing. My eyes started to water, I could feel the juices flowing through my body. While I had been working on mini-days for some time now, I had an explosion of power thinking of how I could take it even further.

In short the Neothink Society has instilled a sense of hope in me that was missing. I am able to deal with problems better and am in a cheerful mood more often. My wife has noticed I am doing better and we are more affectionate toward each other.

Thank you for your help Mr. Hamilton. I look forward to the future we will all create together.
Bill W

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