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I have been in the Neothink Society for over three years. NEOTHINK SOCIETY. has given me Hope and hope for most of us is very hard to come by. My journey has been a Life Changing experience. I am and was a searcher, who always looks and looked for the reasons for my existence. My existence is now validated. I know why I am on this Earth and in this Universe. You see, we are all connected like brothers and sisters. We are all in this journey together. The beauty of it all is that some of us are starting to realize this fact and are trying to pass it on to others. I am a blessed soul, I was found by THE NEOTHINK SOCIETY. Since the time I joined The Neothink Society I have transformed my life. I have a wonderful relationship with a dynamite woman. I have started my own business again after a brutal divorce. I have learned why some of us are not able to succeed in this life while other can. It is not our fault a lot of the time, we are held in a society which makes it hard to rise above stagnation. I know you understand what I am talking about here. I am so excited about the group of people I have the privilege to call my friends. I am happy and that is what I was searching for when I chose to take this miraculous journey. I will be proud to invite others in to THE NEOTHINK SOCIETY, I am positive it is the right thing for me and you.

Thank You,


Pikes Peak A-Team 
Colorado Springs, CO

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