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Since I was a child I have known there was a better way in life.  Over the years I searched through religions and philosophies looking for the answers I knew were out there waiting to be found.
Then Neothink found me and my visualization came to be.  From the day I got my first letter I knew this was the key, there was no doubt in my mind and still isn’t.  I’m home.  Everything I read in the Multigenerational literature rang true in my heart and mind.  I will never look back except to appreciate even more where I am now.
My mind has exploded with one reality after another and ten second miracles race to the surface continuously.  Neothink has given me the confidence to continue to move forward in my life in business, health and love.  Finding my FNE energized me and catapulted me into successfully organizing my thoughts and actions to become the person I was meant to be.  There is no fear in knowing who you are.
I am leading by example in all that I do.  One by one people are noticing and asking questions.  Leading people out of the Anti-civilization feels so right and continually feeds my unconditional love for all of mankind. 
I study the literature everyday and find nuggets I missed the day before; like signposts I follow each one through to new realities.
The question of whether I will be successful in my life is no longer holding me back; I know I will be.  When you create value it automatically comes to you.  The exhilaration drives me towards my goals and grows with each accomplishment.
I am happy, healthy and going to be wealthy through value creation; what more is there?

I wrote this during my searching:

I know you see me racing
Up the hill I went seeking
Searching the sunlight and twilight
For the secrets out there speaking.

All the answers to the puzzles
Of where, why and yes; the “how”
They’re embedded in the great universe
Hidden in plain sight for me now.

I feel the pull of happiness pure
Whispering in heart a great plan
Giving my soul joyous glimpses
Of the beauty of life for man.

Miracles await me in colors sublime
Created by an unknow magnificent power,
Already knowing I will persist in honesty
honor and love; never to cower.

My soul believes all could be better
I open my heart and mind to unravel
The mysteries I hear all around,
Going deeper in thought to another level.

I’m worthy, truly I am can’t you see
For a better existence throughout eternity.
The path I’ll find to enlightenment
In my purest thoughts and certainty.


Capital A Team-Northern California(CaT-NC) 
Sacramento, CA

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