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What a wonderful world we are about to transition to! Living in a parallel world at times seems so strange. I find myself planting seeds with so many people who open up to me about being sick and tired of the society in general. I always make it a point to add a comment about the number one reason we all feel so surpassed is because of the control and we are being controlled more and more.
I am one of the lucky ones, before I learned about the society, knew that I was in control of my life and lived my life by my rules. Yes, I too had to abide by the laws and some were very difficult, such as; the laws that were control factor more than protection. I guess as time went on “protection” because a broad ruling when people stopped using common sense.  A long as I can remember I always thought for myself, even as a child I had many freedoms then when I got older I creating my own day to day tasks at each paid position I held and was never really supervised. Management learned quickly I didn’t need a supervisor and left me alone. My output said it all. I was not one to look for a pat on the back either. I truly “PLAY” as an Adult.  People around me used to say that I was from another planet because I was always ready to learn and take on more and more even if I didn’t get paid for it. I did think differently than my peers. I truly understood the “Use it or lose it” mentality and it served me well.
Now saying that the society has lifted my spirit up knowing that someday soon we will be living an exhilarating lifestyle with pure honesty all around us. It would be much more fun to have others around me who “PLAY” as an adult. Some of the literature was difficult to accept. But I am so glad that I am an open-minded person and would never think that I know it all and have learned throughout life that I have reasonable deducted some untruths. I wasn’t entirely sure their motive until I read the literature and when putting things in its proper perspective I, as an adult, conclude that I agree when I look all around with my new vision. It is amazing what you can see when your eyes are opened to the facts not just a “belief” system. I guess it was easy for me because I question my “belief” system every since I was a child and that got me is trouble at times. 
 I am in the process of reviewing all the literature again “It never gets old” because when I read it the first time my creativity just flowed out of me causing some distractions. I can’t wait to live with others who are “PLAYING” as well. I felt so alone and no one really could understand why I would work from the time I got there to the time I left and didn’t take my breaks. They always said I wasn’t from this planet because I love what I did and I loved to be able to learn and create so many things.  I have enjoyed this website and the literature especially the Miss Annabelle Story. I am Power Thinking on creative ways to reaching people so they too can be part of this great society. I don’t want to leave anyone behind. Time is of the essence, it would be great if everyone in the society followed the 3 foot rule. Every day you plant a seed with 3 people within 3 feet of you. You never know someone will want to know more! I so want to see this in my lifetime. I am so ready to help lift society out of stagnation and to bring about the changes in my life and help others do the same.


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