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I was so excited when I received my first letter from the Society.  An organization ready to help me be the person I wanted to be.  The Society books gave me hope that we could help ourselves and the world be better.  When I subscribed to the Society website I made friends all over the United States and truly felt I had found the right place for me to be.  I wanted to meet Society members in my local area so I posted that on the Neothink Society website and soon had 15 people to invite to a meeting.  I have been coordinating these meetings for over a year and with the help of the Neothink Society mentoring and books I have grown and expanded my abilities and confidence.  The website also gave me opportunities to expand my business and join others businesses, increasing my income and my pleasure from working and playing with other Society members. I am very grateful for the Multigenerational books, all of the features on the website and for the contact with Mark Hamilton and the other Society members, my family.

San Francisco Region

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