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I had a wonderful 47-year career working for the largest non-profit in the world dedicated to serving girls. I was CEO of our area Girl Scout Council. I saw young women grow in leadership and decision making skills and develop a high level of self-confidence. I also saw volunteer women who had never worked leave us to take positions in the work force with high confidence because of their volunteer training. I loved my job, working with people.  I especially enjoyed seeing girls and women surprise themselves with what they could do. 

When I was 65 years old, my great niece Casey, age 9, came to live me because her mother committed suicide. Casey had spent weeks with me summers since she was six years old, so we were not strangers.  I found myself in a very new role for me…seeing to the emotional, medical and academic needs of a very troubled and dear little girl, who needed attention and love and my time.

I worked until I was 68 years old. Then quit, retired, because the stresses of raising my child competed with my ability to do my job. I no longer felt competent about any if it.  The first year or so after retirement was great, Casey and I had some time to enjoy doing some things together, from Disney World to the Everglades, sailing and backpacking. Family and friends covered for me so that I could also make some trips to visit old friends.

Life was good. I had a fair pension, Social Security and a healthy 403 (B) in which I was able to trade. I had skill in trading stocks, so I could grow my IRA, which freed me from some financial worries.  I began teaching Casey to trade as well.

After a year or two in retirement, I became depressed.  Casey stayed depressed all the time. I was stagnating in a deep rut I had never been in before and I had no idea how to dig myself out. Both Casey and I were in trouble.

I decided to look for an at-home business. In fact my stock instructor suggested that as a tax advantage.   I tried several things and got ripped off more than a few times.

Then I got a letter from ‘Kristin’ telling me about the Neothink Society and about her life.  I thought I would give it a try.

When I read the first book and got to the parts about ‘Power Thinking’ and  ‘Mini-Days.’  My life began to change again… right at that moment.  My first thoughts were about my former job and how I could have used this material.  My second  thought!  “It’s  Casey and I, right now, that you have to think about Nellie.”

 I stopped immediately, took out paper and ink. I built my plans for the next week, drew out my first mini-days.  These  techniques  have made it possible for me to carry the load I have now and thrive. I love all that I do as a member of the Neothink Society A-team, running several home businesses in my own S-Corp, raising a teenager, who needs a soccer mom, a band parent, a member of the PTSA, a Girl Scout troop cookie chair, and a daily chauffeur.

 One free testimonial book and 3 Multigenerationals later, I wanted to meet other people who has read these and get involved.

I found other Virginia people on the Neothink Society website and wrote all of them offering to develop an email list for us.  I suggested we meet.  Randy B. emailed me and wanted to know how he could help. I agreed to find a meeting place if he would chair the meeting. Our first meeting we had eleven Neothink Society members.  We were immediately a loving family.  That was a new experience, to have immediate close friends who a day before has been strangers.  We hugged as we left for our homes across the state. We planned to meet once a month and we are still doing that.

I was missing from my life people with purpose and values.  In the Girl Scouts, we were changing the world, one girl at a time, our young women with high values will make a difference in their world.

In Neothink Society, I found that family again and more.  We are a cross section of people with values and purpose, who care about the future of the world and its people, who want to see all human-kind prosper, be healthy, be happy and live the lives they choose to live, who are dedicated to bringing about the Civilization of the Universe.

The wonderful Multigenerationals I have read and re-read. I wish I had them years ago.  Even more, I am so glad that I have them now. 

Casey, the teenager, is a joy to my life. I love her dearly and know that she is going to change her part of the world with her life, her values and her ‘little girl dreams.’ I hope she can hang onto them.

At 72 years old, I am thriving. I am working hard in the Neothink Society changing the world. I am glad I am part of making history for a better life for all humankind.  I have a purpose for every day I live.

I love all of you my ‘Neothink Society’ friends. You are the true ‘saints’ of today.

Thank you Mark for giving me the power, skills and opportunity to make a difference.   I love you.

Nellie H.

Neothink Society Virginia 
Richmond, VA

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