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My Testimonial:
Before the NeothinkSociety…I have always been the quiet, shy type.  Meeting new people was always a challenge. There were so many times that I would try to speak to someone I didn’t know; even in warm environments; just to introduce myself; I would just stand there… frozen. It made me look stuck up or not interested. But the fact was, all I could do was shake and couldn’t think of any to say. I couldn’t really even say something as simple as hi.

I also had been struggling with the idea that was impounded in my head for as long as I can remember… You must go to college if you want a good paying job. So I did. I may have had some fun in college, but it didn’t help much in finding a good paying job that had any lucrative benefits. This was causing a lot of stress on me and made me feel inadequate. Didn’t matter how hard you worked at your job, you were still paid the same.

I have always had a pretty active life, always on the run doing this and that. I started running into problems with time. Having the time to complete what I needed to do, instead of putting things off, or to completely forget about doing them.

But now, that I have become a part of the Neothink Society…

I’m continuously involved in communicating with people every day! Even meeting new people! And when I do, I don’t feel forced, or put on the spot. I may still shake a little bit; but it’s not because of being shy, or put on the spot; but because of pure excitement!  I even helped to start the first A-Team in my state by getting us communicating with each other to meet as a group for the first time!

I have also learned the reason that my job is not so lucrative in pay. I also learned how to change this!

I have also learned how to better organize myself. And not just by putting high priority items in pile A, and low priority items into pile B. But by organizing every day to create more efficiency and time to allow for all the extra tasks that were once so hard to get accomplished; not to mention time for starting other projects,

Now that I know this, and can see it, I can continue moving forward and really go after what I really want…health, happiness, and wealth!

Minnesota A-Team 
St Paul, MN

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