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Hello every body
fist of all that English isn’t my first language there for it might be some wrong spilling.
any now my story is that I feel chosen to be among this noble society and it can not get any better than this only achieving the eternal immortal life.  the story is that I recall that 1995 I received in the mail a similar book to the multigenerational in a deferent language and when I started reading I was scared because the book was denying religion  and god so I sent it back the next day I guess that I wasn’t ready and that makes me fell a little regret for that auction, but now when I’m in the prosses of integrating I don’t let the past slow me down, as we all know the AC  surrounding us ,even the closest people to us making it chalange leap to the cu, for example my sons and daughter don’t seem to see what I see no matter how much I try, since they grew up over seas they see things deffrent,and I hop over time they will realize the need and importance of leaping to the cu, we love each other and will always be, I thought to post this as an encouragement to people who get rejected by close and loved ones.
thank you        
loving all of you’


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