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My Testimonial:
Remembering back to my feelings just before I recieved my first letter from the Neothink Society, I was so disgusted with the (what I later found out was the AC). I got to the point of looking forward to dying so I could go the heaven which I was taught was a better place. One of the main things I learned was a choice of the Church of the living and the Church of the dying. Oh, how true that is. After studing the 3 multigenerationals and the twelve levels, my view and feelings have made a 100 degree turn for the best. I feel calm and in control of everything in front of me now. I really appreciate all of my new Neothink Society friends as we all want the same lifestyles. Honesty, love, enjoyment, freedom and creating everything. I am amazed at what I have learned and experienced so far and I am just a baby. I can hardly wait until I grow up in the Neothink Society world. (I am 66 years young now.) Thank you Mark Hamilton (my mentor) for taking the time to include me in your great world.  


Daytona Essence LLC. 
Daytona Beach, FL

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