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Most every morning I take a walk with my two dogs – my daughter’s 12 year old, Dane/Black Lab and Precious Pearl of Isis, my a 2-year old Weimaraner. When my wife and daughter brought our Weimaraner home to me at the tender age of 7 weeks, they hadn’t been able to decide on a name for her. We had agreed to her breed because I wanted a dog that had to be worked with everyday. This breed of hunting dog possesses an extreme amount of energy. In short, I would have to take her for walks every day. We agreed to her breed for the sake of my (and ultimately my wife’s) health.

I was just finishing the second Multigenerational book and looking forward to my third book, ‘The Miss Annabelle Story’. And I was looking forward to being a part of the Neothink Society. The instant they put her into my arms, I called her Precious. I had already realized how important she would be to my health, to my inner being. OK. As a side note, I’m a huge fan of the ‘The Lord of The Rings’ trilogy by J. R. R. Tolken: when our two loving daughters were little girls we read those stories to them. So, in a way, just as the Ring of Power was to Golem, my little puppy was to me, Precious. I knew then that this little puppy in part was to be a source of my journey back to health, a source of long life. And so Precious became her name.

I was born in June of 1957. So, as of this writing I am now in my 50’s. By today’s standards, I’m now into my senior years. I am what most young adults my daughter’s age consider OLD! And yet, thanks in part to my Precious and in whole to the knowledge I have learned thru the Neothink Society, I don’t feel old anymore. Instead . I feel renewed health and vitality in my body. I have purpose for living. I have creativity flowing through my veins

What’s most significant is how this feeling of renewed health of restored vitality of unimaginable optimism and hope grows within me each and every day. On those walks with Malone and Precious, it seems as though nature is much more alive. The sounds and smells are infinitely more sensuous and vividly stimulating. Thanks to the changes I have experienced through the Neothink Society, I rush home ready to face my day with excited expectation. I’ve coin the phrase that I not only live here; I truly am ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. Whether I’m corresponding with my fellow members or creating a presentation or powerthinking for the week ahead, I do everything with passion and an ever-clearer focus on my goals.

How has the Neothink Society changed my life? I was a Nintendo couch potato. I was an alcohol drinking – weed smoking complainer of all that was wrong with my life and the world around me. I was one step away from divorce and the destruction of my family. If I could have won the state lotto, I would have granted my wife a divorce, given her it all and gone out and killed myself. I had just about given up on me. The only thing that kept me from resorting to a life of crime for the sake of a fast buck was my fear of living behind bars.

Just when I thought there was no hope left for us and just prior to the discovery of Parkinson’s disease in Claire’s mom, I received and invitation to purchase my first multigenerational book ‘Discovery’. Slowly and steadily the person within, the child of the past within me started to return. On top of everything that had brought us to this point in our lives, this new revelation, this transformation in me threatened to tear us apart. To be sure, there is much that I have not shared of where I was prior to joining the Neothink Society. But the important thing is this. As I read these secrets – as I began to rediscover the child of the past within me, Claire began to take notice. Just in the past year, she has begun to believe in me once more. She began to believe in us once more. I’m happy to announce that Claire is now reading the ‘Miss Annabelle Story’ and through the day from time to time and on those occasions when she joins me for OUR morning walks, we discuss the secrets of this society; we discuss the ‘Miss Annabelle Story’. We are relearning to live again, to master our mini-days, to experience self capture, to realize and rejoice in the exhilarating feeling of our child of the past coming back to life.

What does the Neothink Society mean to me? It is Precious because of the hope that the society has permanently placed into my being. The Neothink Society is My Precious just as I believe that it is yours. And I will never let it go because it means inspiration, stimulation, success, wealth and happiness for me, and everyone dear to me. Truth is, that includes pretty much everyone. And yes, it means that I may yet experience an unusually long life. I love you all.


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