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My Testimonial:
I am originally from Minnesota, born and raised on a farm in the early twenties.  My parents were first generation Americans.  They taught us to be successful at anything one has to make plans.  They would have discussions that included both short range and long range plans that would range up to 4 to 5 years.  My parents were not only farmers, but business people as well.

I spent 3 years in the Air Force and got out around Christmas, 1945.  I’ve been involved in Insurance sales and eventually became a Broker with my own agency for many years.  I eventually sold that business and began working with specialty products like pens, pencils, calendars and many commonly used products.

About six years ago, my life took a turn when my wife became very ill, so ill she couldn’t work at all.  Her prescriptions were around $1900 a month and created a drain on our resources.  I realized that at the age of 78 I would have to go back to work, so I did.  I didn’t quit working until after she passed away.  I just couldn’t work with people that didn’t see past the end of the day when it came to business planning.  You can’t run a successful business when you take the profits out of it at the end of every day.

In December of 2006 I received my first contact with the Neothink Society.  Before that I had good days and I had bad days.  Since becoming part of the Neothink Society, my bad days are good and my good days are great.  When I have a break through, I go to another level.

My life today is changed and my purpose is to change the thinking and politics of my country, giving people the freedom to use their own minds.  There is a saying I have used for many years, “When you use you own mind, there is no authority”.

Over the past many weeks I have been meeting and talking to other Neothink Society members.  It has been both a pleasure and benefit to me.  I feel the Neothink Society will be a great benefit not only to the USA, but also to the world.  I am eighty-four years old and in good health.  I would like to point out that I always check out new adventures before I get on board.  This adventure I gladly joined.


Central PA Life Enhancement (The Peacock Corporation) 
Lancaster,, PA

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