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My Testimonial:
Since completing the reading of the Multigenerational Package my illusions of the Society has changed.  I am very excited being apart of the Society and see how the Society and its goals will help the American people and the world at large become a better place to live and raise a family.  The concept of allowing the American people to become value producers instead of followers it wonderful.  I have become a once negative person in reference to our Government officials into a positive person with a dream of changing our Political arena by ridding it of Professional Politicians. To return our lively hood as God intended it to be in the past to VALUE PRODUCERS that will not do anything that harms other in their pursuit of happiness.  I desire to be a part of the team to change our country back to “FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE” and rid ourselves of the Special Interest Groups that are milking our citizens of their hard earned money for the interest of the few ELITE.  I am still a Christian with the belief of GOD and Jesus Christ but with a better understanding what GODS purpose was for each and every person on Earth.
I have become a happier person and Business owner with my new knowledge that there are others in the world that want a change in our Government and have found a solution to bettering our Government and the lives of its people.

Webster, TX A- Team 
Webster, TX

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