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Wow where do I start?  Mark I can say that when I frist came into the Neothink Society I was blown away by all the searchers out there that were just like me searching for something more out of life! I have learned a lot in the last few years reading your books and chatting with other like-minded members online and have had the chance to even meet a few in person some of which I made an instant contact with but I have not had the chance to get out and meet as many as I would like .
 after looking around and seeing the way the world and our great country is heading I have  seen that we need to stop and ask ourselves where are we going and what has happened to our great country , we have been lead for so long that we have let others decide for us what is right and what is not .

 it is time to stand up and say no more I can do this and make a stand for ourselves .

 At frist I thought that they had made a mistake asking me to join the Neothink Society I am just a man working 60 hrs a week at a job that has no respect for my time or my life at home and with the help of others here in the Neothink Society I hope to help change that .

 thanks to my ever growing family of friends here in the Neothink Society I have started to write a book I started 20 yrs ago but never really pursued it , I would never had done this if not for others helping  me remember what it was like to tell others the things in your mind through reading and writing without even trying that we tend to over look them .
 the book i am writing will hopefully show what will happen if we don’t change our ways here on earth and show that there are others out there that are willing to make it happen no matter what it takes .
 mankind’s need for surival is and always will be his greatest asset in life and what we leave behind today is what others will deal with tomarrow .
 why not make the world a better place for all to enjoy the fruits of our labors then just those few sitting behind a big desk telling others what to  do and what not to do while not really careing about what happens to you!
 I would like to add after  years of being lead and told that I would be no more then a truck driver I decided to finnish that book i started years ago and after two years of retraining myself and intergrating with some of the great minds here in the web sight I have finnished writing what i think is a good story about how our journey to creat something new could turn into reality, even though it is a sci-fi my book is in it self a story with in a story .

Central PA Life Enhancement (The Peacock Corporation) 
Lancaster,, PA

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