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Growing up, I was a very timid, shy and had very little confidence and admired everyone else who was bright, wealthy, and happy and wished I could be like them. I watched all my rich friends parents reap excellent benefits and passed it onto their children. I wished if I was part of their family. They had big businesses and were well established in their field. They were well known and valuable in society. Their children had the biggest birthday parties and traveled during the holidays. How I wanted to be like them. They wore fine clothes, drove expensive cars, ate at fine restaurants and traveled the world. I watched these people and promised myself that I was going to be like them one day.
Then I migrated to America. I worked hard in America but I was constantly seeking a better way; constantly searching for the answer. That’s when I found Neothink Society. The Neothink Society had allowed me to catapult in my career. I eventually learned or developed self confidence. I became so goal oriented, I developed such great visions for my life. I ventured out to achieve all these goals using my new found Neothink Society secrets.
I began surrounding myself with the right people; who were successful. ; The qualities that I had developed have helped me to succeed in my career. It has allowed me to travel in fine style to different countries. I have been able to help my family in ways that I have never thought. I have now developed control over my life. I am now living the life I was meant to live. I am now working in the field I want to work in. I am responsible for my own paycheck. I have left mysticism behind.
It is still hard, but I have developed patience because I am living my Friday Night Essence. I plan to continue growing in my FNE. I have learned how to be happy and to help other people. The Neothink Society has brought out the rock in me. I know I have the strength to pursue my true life. I plan to pass the Neothink Society secrets unto my niece and nephews so that they can become the person they were meant to be. I plan on mentoring other persons who want to do great things with their lives, using the Neothink Society secrets and business system.


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