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My name is Willy Pritts and I would like to share with you the great value that everyone will receive from the prime literature offered through the Neothink Society.  I have personally increased my productivity and have had better focus on my creativity after reading the books written by Mark Hamilton.  I have worked for the past twenty five years building quality value creating businesses.  One of these businesses is Feed Mills Inc.  This Feed store converted from a flour mill in 1938 by my Grandfather has evolved into a full service oasis of refuge for local farmer to come for advice and consultations for there farms, orchards, and dairies.  The other business is The Church of Universal Love and Music a Church revolved 100% around creativity.   The writings of these great authors have helped me to take my business and my life to the next level.  The Neothink Society, Western PA. is dedicated to help the many to achieve all of their dreams and goals in life.  Together we can make a better world for ourselves, are families and our children.   It is very important that everyone on planet Earth learn the lessons that will be taught in the twelve Mini Multigenerational books that you will receive when you join the Neothink Society.  All goals are achievable as long as they are honest and have the benefit of the big picture involved.  The Neothink Society has the desire to help each and every one of you to make your dreams a reality.  I know that my dreams were slowly being destroyed by the anti-civilization and through these writings I have been able to stop the powers of evil dead in their tracks.  I still am attacked but the effects are not so emotionally destructive.  I really want all of you to help us to become the Civilization of the Universe that we are meant to be, a true utopia of love.  Soon the feeling of being powerless to change the world and the empathy that you are alone will be gone.  Soon the clouds of the aristocrats will fade and just a clear sunny day will be shinning on us all.  The train is fired up and wheels are starting to receive the energy from the mighty engine, so get on board. I can’t wait till I meet all of you wonderful folks.
Your friend, Willy


Neothink Society, Western PA. 
Acme, PA

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