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The Neothink Society has changed my life for the better in every way.  Since I came into the Society, I have steadily grown into a Superman.  There was a major shift from loser to a man with limitless potential at first though.

 Exactly 2 years before I came into the Society I was a mess.  I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.  I was also overweight and having medical issues.  The doctor gave me anti depressants, which made me a drone.  My anxiety was so bad that I hated going to crowded places, I struggled to even make a phone call, and job interviews were a nightmare for me.  This is bad because I did not keep a job.  I hated to go to work and called off a lot.  I could not find a place that I liked to work for, and there was no real reason because I love what I do.  I had no friends mainly because I struggled in social environments.  My wife, daughter, and I moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado to Ohio to Pennsylvania then back to Ohio in 1 year.  I could never make it work because of my loser mentality.  I was in a self-destructive rut that finally climaxed when my wife left me exactly 1 month before I came into the society.  The timing seemed perfect, just when I had little hope the society promised me that I could prosper, so I jumped.  After only reading some of the first set of literature from the society, at the time I should have been the worst off, my mind started to shift.  It only took a little for me to change from my loser psychological state with little hope to a happy rejuvenated healthy mind, I no longer needed drugs.  I understood what was going on and realized that my marriage was not a good for me situation therefore having no problems with the divorce.  It actually made me happier to get divorced.

 The only problem I had was the fact that my 3-year-old daughter would not be under my roof anymore and I felt I could not protect her.  It still bothers me but I now know that it is just the forces of nature kicking in and is a good natural emotion and the older she gets the more I can relax because she is not as helpless.  She actually is better off than most other kids are because I teach and raise her in a manner that will make her have the new superior mentality when she matures.  It blows my mind the potential she has by never experiencing the disadvantages of the typical way of thinking.

 Her mother and I get along great now and we share parenting, but there is no chance of reconciliation because with my new mentality I realize it cannot work we are not compatible.  Its been a year and a half and I am still single, only because I have the knowledge of what I really require to be happy in a relationship, I’ve had many opportunities for relationships but I won’t waste my time on something that I know won’t work.  I also have kept the same job since then.  Now I am the most productive valuable employee at the company.

 I know that if I did not have the gift of superior thinking from the society that I would still be in that self-destructive rut.  I got my superior thinking from the mysticism eradicating bits of knowledge in The Neothink Society Literature.

Michael D

Neothink Society, Dayton Ohio 
Dayton, OH

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