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My name is Gerald. Neothink Society Phoenix A-Team.  I am Native American and a member of the Tohono O’odham Nation.  Our reservation is located south of here and along the border with Mexico.  We have a land base of approximately 2.8 million acres, or for a better picture, it is roughly equal in size to the state of Connecticut.  Our name Tohono O’odham means Desert People.  Tohono (Desert).  O’odham (People).

My journey with the Society began in 1994 and these next three or four minutes is from the summer of ’94 through the summer of ’95.  It began with a reading of a brochure for a Neothink Society publication that made me cry.  This brochure spoke to me of a new life awaiting everyone that I had always wanted to live.  I asked my uncle who had given me the brochure for a Neothink Society book to read.  He loaned me the forerunner to the book you all have in your possession called Neothink Society Secrets.

I took the book and read it through.  I read it a second time with the intent of understanding the Inside Secrets, the money-making system to put it to use.  I was starting on it once again when my uncle approached me with an opportunity.  He told me of an organization, recently off the ground that was interested in getting a project going on the reservation.  He thought it might be a good idea for me to look into what this organization was all about.

I had been working physical labor jobs up to this point and decided to see where this door would lead me.  I helped the organization push through a Roof Renovation Project within our district to include getting the district to pitch-in money to pay for project materials, tools & equipment, and the use of a building for a satellite office with payments for utilities.

The project was approved and the job opening for the Coordinator Position on the Nation was posted.  I was asked to submit my resume & application and was immediately hired.  The information received later, was that although hiring protocol had to be followed, for all intent and purposes the job was already mine.  Admin staff had had their fingers crossed, waiting for me to apply.

One of my fondest memories of the project was when the Main Office brought a new computer down for me to use.  The computer was hooked up.  I was shown how the mouse worked and then left with the machine.  I had the time of my life learning how to use this new tool.  I would get to the office early and leave very late at night, taking care of tasks associated with the project, while spending as much time as I could in front of the computer.

Our project for the organization was a success and became one of its flagship projects.  We repaired 19 roofs / homes through the year in addition to almost as many community projects that involved community members of all ages.

As the end of the first year for the project approached, the application for our second year was being readied to be sent on its way.  Our idea for the Nation was to replicate our District’s Home Renovation Project in two to three other districts located within the western end of the reservation.  Each project would have its own coordinator with my new position managing all the coordinators and their projects.  It would’ve meant increased responsibilities and pay.

Our new application did not get very far.  We had, had a visit from Washington officials a couple of months prior to the application due date and we learned what they thought of us.  The organization was shut down.  It finished our project along with 13 other projects that ran the length of the AriNeothink Societya / Mexican Border.  This was my initiation into the Neothink Society.  It was the beginning of a life immersing myself into concepts and systems developed by Mark Hamilton that control and affect positive changes in one’s life.  I have found that as these changes occur in me, positive changes also happen in the world around me.

I am still learning as I am going along but I now know that it is about so much more than making money.  It is knowing that Visions do become a reality when you have your mind, body, heart and soul behind them.

I look forward to this next chapter in my life with the Neothink Society that includes the opportunity to build friendships with like-minded individuals all across the country and with whom new values will be created worldwide.  I wish you all the best in life and I look forward to welcoming you into our Society.
Thank You,


Phoenix AriNeothink Societya – West Valley A-Team 
West Phoenix, AZ

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