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 I got the first letter from Neothink Society in November 2005, and from that moment I entered in the most important cycle of my life of breaking bondage of discovering and being discovered.
 I start reading Three Multigenerational Packages and got the training from The Prime Literature and continue all the time.
 A year ago I started meeting with other members of the Neothink Society and we formed an A-team.
 As I became a member of Neothink Society my life started to change dramatically for the best. I want to admit this powerful knowledge and 2300 year old secrets hidden from this world to wealth, power and love are working for me.
 I made a turn toward health and vitality. I became the most happy person, exited and vibrant.
 With the self-leader secret code of living I become a part of new world. This is the greatest time in my life to become the person I meant to be, also for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
 The joy and happiness is indescribable.

 Thank You, my Mentor Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society!

Neothink Society – Central Connecticut 
Middletown, CT

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