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 I have always been a searcher. When I received the first letter in the mail, my curiosity was aroused. I asked myself, “Who in the world knows about my actions?”  The letter itself offered quite a few extraordinary but worldly promises on the surface, but I detected something inside the letter that had some depth to it.

 I decided to see “just how deep the rabbit hole goes” and began the correspondence with the society. Something within the correspondence seemed to speak to something inside of me. I was excited. Maybe it was just the mystery of those letters or just because I was somewhat bored with my daily routine, I don’t really know. I was just excited.

 With the passing letters, I kept feeling that there was something deep down inside of the content. Something way more important than the shallow (but tempting) glimpses of instantaneous wealth, physical attraction, and power. So, I bought the first multigenerational.

 This book was amazing. It presented a business plan that was so different from any I had ever seen before, and it also showed (and explained) the flaws of just about every existing business plan I knew.

 I was amazed at how the puzzle taught the essence of business This led up through all aspects of what it takes to be successful in business. This was extremely well thought out and made perfect sense to me. I have spent many years in industry and business and have never found any process that compares with the information I found within the Neothink Society.

 As I think back in time, I have to remember my first real job here in Youngstown.

 When I graduated from high school in 1968, I found myself, 2 days later, reporting to work at the steel mills here in Youngstown – thanks to my father. Even though I was starting college in the fall, my father told me, “find out what you DON’T want to do with your life, first”. During that time, I worked my tail off, but I also saw just what the industrial revolution had built on the backs of man.

 This made a few men very wealthy and provided a basic living for thousands more. I think that may be why industry such as this failed here and in most of America to this day. This type of civilization didn’t really help mankind realize what it could be, it just provided enough to keep them living from day to day and helped the rich get richer from their labors.

 I see the Neothink Society is now here to do much more than the industrial revolution ever could for everyone. Instead of enslaving a workforce to make just a few into wealthy individuals, I see everyone sharing and creating real wealth by following the business and living practices outlined by the Neothink Society.

 So. that brings me to trying to decide what I wanted to do. I have been shown that I want to really become a value creator and enjoy the benefits of value creation. Joining the Youngstown Neothink Society has actually surrounded me with geniuses within the Neothink Society here, but also has given me the ability to be mentored by many other members from around the world. It has opened up a whole new meaning to my life. I  am very excited and extremely happy to be associated with such a fantastic group of people. I now know exactly what I want to do.
 I have always wanted to help people in any way I could. I have always wanted to be a philanthropist, but to be one, you have to have something of value to offer, be it money, power or knowledge.

 What better way to help than guide those along to the Neothink Society path? I am now spending my time outside of my current job developing the clubhouse agendas and workshops to help guide others along the Neothink Society path. I know deep inside, these actions will develop into the life fulfilling ways promised in the multigenerationals.

 My searching days are far from over, but now there is a direction in which to point my search. I have to admit, I am very excited over the prospects and am enjoying the ride!


Neothink Society Youngstown, Ohio 
Youngstown, OH

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