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 Hello Mark Hamilton and my Neothink Society Family, From the time the first letter arrived in my mail box until present I have begun the journey that was described to me by that very same invitation that I had received in the mail. From that day forward and even more once I received my First Multigenerational. I began at first crawling towards the life we are all meant to live, As I read that fist Multigenerational I was amazed and energized at the same time. The first Multigenerational sparked in me a real desire to learn which had be stagnated in many ways by my life experiences. Once I had finished the First Multigenerational That was no longer the case!
 Shortly after I finished reading that first Multigenerational I realized that I had to commit absorbing by reading all of the future puzzle Pieces represented in the Second and Third Multigenerationals which would soon be on their way to my home. It was upon receiving and reading that Second Multigenerational I began to walk towards my goal of leading the Life I was meant to live!
  It was not very long after finishing that Second Multigenerational That I realized that I would not be walking towards my new found way of life! When I had looked back on my view of life and things around me I realized what awesome tools that I had come into contact with. Even at that early stage I found a continuing change in my point of view and indeed my viewpoint on the world around me. I was indeed walking now towards the life I am meant to live.

 Prior the arrival of my Third Multigenerational, I could not wait to get my hands on that third Multigenerational! By this time I had come to enjoy learning and living in ways that were nothing less than amazing to me! When the day came and I received the third Multigenerational I was jogging towards the life I know knew I was meant to live! I read that awesome work of faction and even when I had completed the reading goal I had given myself each day. I could not wait for the next day to arrive to move deeper into this work of art and education!

 Upon finishing this cap stone that put it all together, I was now ready to run forward into the future and had begun to shed the old way of thinking and living that had been such an anchor on me! Which leads me to the present, I now combat my own remaining old mentality ways of thinking and living and have been much more the better for it! These master pieces have given me such energy and inspiration that were to me not even thought possible prior to my time with them in my life. I am now running along the path to the life we are all meant to live and I do not ever want that to change! Thank you Mark Hamilton and my Neothink Society Family!

  Love and Respect!!


Sierra Summit A-Team, Sierra Integrations LLC 
Reno/Tahoe, NV

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