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Solutions A-Team, Central NW. PA. Neothink Society 
Franklin,, PA 

My Testimonial:
   After getting and reading the first letter and wanting to be rich like I have always felt I was to be. I would read the letters out loud to my wife and feel like this is for me.  I would read and feel I have been looking for this for a long time. I did not waste time to fax in the order form and then as I would wait reread and hope the book would get here fast.
    And it did, it was here with in 2 weeks.   I started reading and reading and reading.  A lot made scene and some made no scene at all.  Some words were so big I had to get out the dictionary and look them up.    I would not hesitate to fax in the next form to get the next second and then third.  Reading the Miss Annabelle Story made me happy, then sad, cry and be happy and could not wait to become apart of the Neothink Society.  Here I am looking to become the person I am meet to be and live the life I am to live.   I am finding that the things I have questioned in the past are as true as I am here in this world.  I am finding my seeking for the life I am meet to live is stronger and I am seeking it harder and faster than I did in the past.   Finding ways to get more things done myself and ways to make money and try to save my business. 
    Here is where we all should be, some will come in and do fare more than I can even think of doing, and others will hesitate but come and wonder why they took some much time in the first place. My place here is to improve myself and bring others in as I learn with the help of the mentors, lessons from Mark Hamilton and listening to the calls and talking with people we can all built the Society.

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