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Hello Mark,
I want to thank you for everything, and mainly for being my mentor. I’m
writing at the moment the first script from the
 secrets, this would be at least a ten film sequel. I finish the first draft and
 doing the rewrites  at the moment. I know releasing this would pierce
 through the illusion of this society, but would come under fire because we
 would be attacking the anti-civilization full on…Politic, religion
 and the FDA.
This would come under more fire than “The Passion Of Christ, but I’m so
 ready to take on the critics because I know I’m only  3 level, but I
 feel you’re preparing me for this. I thank you from the bottom of my
My six year old is being a very valuable creator as well; she wrote a
 children book when she was 4 1/2 yrs old, and now it’s on to just name a
 few aka Neothink Society.com,target.com,Waldenbooks.com,Borders.com, and her publisher site is  Her book is “It Begins At Home”


Neothink Society of South Georgia 
Valdosta, GA

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