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To my mentor, Mr. Mark HamiltonWhen you first approached me I was amazed at what I was reading.I was in a very stagnated way.  Your timing was perfect.
As I began to read the introduction letters, I was immediately touched by the sounding of the words, it was because you touched something that I had long forgot about.  You touched my individualism, you touched my soul, my inner self.

It was like a voice from the past that took a lifetime to discover. You helped me to bring back the child of the past.
In bringing back up what was once lost, you have encouraged me to desire more.

I have come to the realization that we as individuals are more than we actualize; by design, we are flawed creatures.  But hidden in the flaws of mankind, there is something wonderful trying to escape. With you as my mentor, Mark, I have discovered that wonderful thing.

With the Society as my hand I have found a new life I have discovered a new mentality, I am becoming a creator. I became a value to myself.
The Neothink Society has taken me in and shown me a life never before seen by man.

I have come to realize that we are the past, present and the future.
By reducing the elements of all things to their irreducible I have visualized myself, which led me to the understanding of life, industry, economics and even the cosmos.  By getting down to the details, the nitty-gritty details.  After all things said, the truth is hidden in the details.

You Mark, have mentored me in a most unusual way, unlike any teacher before.  By understanding the purpose of numbers{e.g. never-ending} and taking control of the numbers, we {I} can create or build value.

Those were men of means Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford and yourself along with every individual in this wonderful place.  Individuals with a purpose, a purpose for a better way of life, a creative way to live. A man that I have become and evolving everyday.

The Neothink Society:

What I have received the most from this Society, the Neothink Society is the gift of knowledge:
I have learned how the human mind is plagued with mysticism
it is “the roots” of the bicameral mentality.

If I were to sum up in as few words as possible what the Society has given me: I’d say a new life yes {i.e. I was reborn}
I was reborn unto myself and as a visionary.
I now see a new life for myself as well as a new life us all.
It is a life of love, happiness, safety, health and wealth.

I have discovered some amazing treasures in the Neothink Society. Treasures that have been forbidden from everyday society for thousands of years. They truly are hidden from everyday man.  I have been blessed with the gift of new friends, who also are treasures.

I have discovered the gift of knowledge which is extremely powerful.  I have been able to rise to a new level of thinking. I can never change what I am “but” the Neothink Society has forever changed who I was.

This Society has given me an opportunity to change all things that went wrong in my life.  I am 48 years young I am a victim of cancer spinal cancer.  I am paralyzed on my right side I have very little motor skills and almost no sense of feel.

The Neothink Society has given me a desire to want more for myself and demand more from our leaders. The Neothink Society has changed the very essence of who I am I have changed my thinking process instead of producing values that others have produced. I now try to create and build new values for myself and hope that the values I build will benefit others as well.

I have only begun my journey into the life that I was meant to live.
Neothink Society member
north east texas a team {POLL } 
mt.pleasant, TX

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