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I have been associate with this organization for 25 + years and in the beginning I don’t think I was ready for what was being offered.  I think at the time I was too busy making a living to have a life.  I believed that the things I was doing at the time were important and would lead to financial freedom but they never seemed to work out, something was always missing.
   Now close to retirement in one career (USPS – Maintenance) I truly believe I am now ready to embark upon my next career.
   This time it will be decidedly different, I have the tool set provided by the Neothink Society, and if I have any questions I can consult the Multigenerational packages or I can discuss with other members for quick insights and resolutions with the only obligation that I respond in kind if I am asked and posses the knowledge that is sought.
   I am fed up and tired of the business as usual situation that is so prevalent in our country and the world today. It is time for man to take the next step and the Neothink Society shows us the way. 
   The Neothink Society has made and is making a change in my life and that of my family and can do the same for anyone provided they are willing to apply it.
   This is an exciting time to be alive and the things that are to come will truly be great and wonderful and of benefit to all mankind. 
    I am proud and ever so thankful to be a part of it.
    I extend an invitation to all to see what the Neothink Society has to offer, you will not be disappointed and will come to be thankful to be a part of it as I have.
    The journey always begins with a single step and once made the journey is underway filled with the knowledge, excitment, and passion that only an explorer can know, I know, and so can you.

    Hope to see you on the trail,

    Apprentice, Soon to be Mentor, Destined to be a Value Creator.


Michigan Capital Area A-Team (MCAAT) 
Lansing, MI

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