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My Testimonial:
It is with great pleasure to have the opportunity to share with you my experience thus far as a member of the Neothink Society.
After receiving my first letter from M.H. I know it was the beginning of a journey that I would take to live a life fulfilled.
 As I read through the Multigenerationals, the information just absorbed my mind and my entire being. I have always had this candid ability to see thru many of life’s elusions produced by the anticivalization. As a Child from the first to the third grade I experienced some child abuse not by my parents but by someone that my dad had entrusted to care for me because my mother took a fall and hit her head and was hospitalized for a time. The search for my FNE has been somewhat of a challenge.
 I have always loved the field of music and with my gift of singing in which I have found to be my greatest delight, I have been in musicals, plays, took piano for a time but played trumpet for 19 years no longer playing. I helped organize a 60 voice gospel group singing in churches, hospitals, and prisons. Also had a R&B group in the mid 60’s called the Empires from Delaware State College. We cut a few 45’s and one was a big hit. The problem was we didn’t know the business so you now what happened. Now at 61 years old I have to ask myself is this still my FNE. I turly believe it is. How that will materialize will be up to me to make it happen with the skills that I’m learning from the Multigenerationals all things are possible. You can take that to the bank.
 After you take the time to absorb the information contained in the Multigenerationals, study, apply and put into practice (YOU CAN NOT FAIL) trust me.
Thank you MH for choosing me to be apart of this movement of the ages. All my love goes out to the C of U. My life is beginning to change in a verity of ways so subtle, that sometimes you don’t realize it and then HOW! You’ve moved forward in ways you cannot imagine.
 The people I have had the pleasure to meet are awesome from all walks of life with like minds to change the world. The love and warmth that these geniuses exemplify. Becoming a self-leader is paramount for ones success for self and family. I find myself less fearful of the conditions around me. After applying my mini-day schedule within my present job I’m a lot more focused. Gathering all the nitty-gritty details has opened my mind to things I other wise would not see.
 These integrations eventually will become a normal occurance. In closing I would like to say to all of you who are considering becoming apart of this movement, its not a question of should or shouldn’t I. The fact is you can’t afford not to.   LOVE TO YOU ALL & LIVE FOREVER.


Neothink Society of Southern California Super A-Team 
Southern California, CA

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