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My Testimonial:
Thank you Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton for bringing us such a great opportunity.  About three years ago in the spring of 2005 I found myself out of work and just inches away from divorce. The love of my life had come crashing down and was in jepordy. Then one day I received a letter that quite literally changed my life. Once I received the first book I could not put it down but kept reading it. By the time I was just half wat through the book there was a call from a job application I had submitted. The next thing I knew there it was. You might ask there was what? It was the missing link from my life a ten second miracle! As i started this new job i quickly became one of the most valued employees by using the mini day schedule. People were amazed at how much I got done. In fact so much so they kept adding more and more responsibilities on my plate. While I was working there I started my own business that has now become my essence and primary mission in life.
You may also be asking what happened with my marriage? Well that too took a total turn for the best. Guess that once I regained my confidence my wife took noticed and has now once again become the love of my life! She loves and respects me so much that it almost makes me cry to ever think if it weren’t for the Neothink Society I may have lost her. When you go through reading all the things about having “Iron grip control” and Mini days and ten second miracles or power thinking you may not think it affects you but then one day you realize the changes that are happening in your life. It has certainly change me. Thank you again Neothink Society.


INLAND INTEGRATIONS COMPANY (Neothink Society–Inland Empire, CA Chapter) 
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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