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The Greater Vision.  Before the Neothink Society came into my life my personal goals were happiness, love some financial freedom and independence. My values in life are self responsibility, honesty, discipline and trying to visualize my goals. I also tried to teach this to my 4 sons. Then at a crucial time of change and questioning the Neothink Society came to my door! For over a year I have been studying my 3 multigenerationals and continue to be blown away by the teachings of Mark Hamilton; also the Neothink Society website multigenerational meetings with Mr. Hamilton, and joining our Neothink Society chapter in Nashville hosted by coordinator. It is so reaffirming and ! The Neothink Society is growing by the minute and I am so proud to be part of the Big Picture; the Neothink Society will change our lives and millions of others Forever! Thank You Mr. Hamilton.

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Nashville, TN

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