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I have seen lots of testimonials here begin with some traumatic event or equally devastating streak of bad luck.  My life hasn’t been one of personal losses or having a fair amount of success constantly eluding me. But I now know I have been in a 24/7 contest with the anticivilization from childhood.  And a grueling contest it has been because there are a whole lot more of them then me.   There was this constant pressure of never really feeling that whatever has been achieved or earned is mine to keep.  It somehow just feels like it is only a matter of time before when I least expect it from someone I thought I could trust, that I will lose what I perceived as my control and everything will be gone in a flash.  Perhaps it will be a sudden illness, perhaps a can’t lose investment from a trusted friend, or perhaps just getting too old and tired to really keep watch any longer. Whatever it was to be, would be totally unrecognizable until it was too late.
Now at 62 years old, my priority is changing from that of security, although that is certainly still very important, to seeking to maintain a high level of health and a quality of life that includes more than just begin able to make it to the mailbox once per day without an electric scooter chair. Not just to merely survive and to make it to a certain age, but to actually live and feel years younger both physically and mentally.
Then along came the Neothink Society about three years ago that changed everything.  The first secret that I found was the minidays/power thinking team.  Almost immediately when I read the material explaining what this is and how anyone can put it to use in both their working and personal life, I felt this is really profound.  I thought if I could apply that one tool to my personal life and believe me I had a lot of personal life time on my hands that could change everything.  Well I proceeded to apply the tool and within about 45 days, I had completed all those nagging tasks that had been on my to-do list for years.  My wife even seemed to have a new found slightly higher level of respect for me. 
Being extremely happy about the success of this secret, I became more and more interested in what else Mr. Hamilton had to say.  I thought if I could apply other secrets to my life, I could perhaps pass these secrets on to my family and friends.   About the time I had decided to explore all these possibilities, along came the most profound manuscript ever written in the mail one day.  It is the Miss Annabelle’s Secret. That book changed my whole way of thinking because it painstakingly laid out all the things that are not only possible in the near future, but the things that are very likely to happen. 
My journey with the Neothink Society and in particular, Mr. Mark Hamilton has only just begun.  I have uncovered a new level of energy, found new friends that have become like family, and have realized that my life is changing week by week.  I am actively working on goals that only yesterday were unreachable dreams.  As I remover limitations from my life using the secrets, I realize that anything is not only possible but likely. I have also made great progress on a weight loss program and I have gone from 7 prescriptions down to zero all because of applying the secrets provided by the society. Not many 60 year olds can say that today. And it just gets better every day.
I can’t thank you enough Mr. Hamilton for sharing your life’s work with me and all my brothers and sisters in the society.  It has worked well for you over the years and now it is working for all of us.  You have done a masterful job in preparing the material and now thanks to you, it is our turn to apply the secrets in our life’s and then share it with the rest of the world.  I look forward to building the society with you.

Keith G

Tacoma / Puyallup A Team 
Tacoma / Puyallup, WA

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