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My Testimonial:
The Neothink Society Multigenerational literature concerning Neothink Society philosophy is what first intrigued me. This is NOT to say that the “secrets” about business/time management/and many many other subjects did not also have my attention, but the “philosophy” (even though it is not really a philosophy)of the Neothink Society is what got me. I am someone who has graduated with a masters degree from a seminary, earned a certificate from a bible school, and I have a BA in economics. One gets a good dose of education about philosophy at seminary and when completing an economics degree as well. I once thought that such education had “all the answers” if I were to only look hard enough, and accept what was taught as “the end of the discussion”. What I learned however is that the Neothink Society Prime Literature is very unique and very different from what is taught at seminaries and universities. It is so unique that its actually rather staggering in its sheer force and persuasion. The Prime Literature is a direct boiling down of “what is” concerning many many subjects. Its both “simple” (in a profound way) and highly intellectual as well.

Has it helped me personally?  Well, yes.  It has helped me to better evaluate and edit some past writings that I have published.  On another project, I also studied the land diagram of my brother’s commercial property and then discovered that he is entitled to build not just one billboard on his property, but two instead!  The Neothink Society literature inspired my closer investigation, and it’s paid off!

I only started reading the Prime Literature about 10 months ago as of this writing. I went through all of the Multigenerational books in a quick pace as they arrived; and I joined the Neothink Society website shortly afterward. It has been a great adventure!! The speed of the changes and opportunities in the Neothink Society is growing by leaps and bounds as we speak, and is highly observable in just the last several months. I would recommend to anyone considering Neothink Society membership to definitely try it and see, so you do not miss out!!!

Minnesota A-Team
(But Green Bay Packer Fan!)

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