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My Testimonial: I have a lot of physical pain and other limitations that prevent me from going to many meetings, and a speech disability prevents me from being a sought after speaker. No, I am an artist and writer, so I have come to think of my art and poetry as the undercurrent in the water that will help bring people to the new way of thinking and being that is the Society. If I can get people to begin thinking about and desiring to rediscover their child of the past, and to re-infuse themselves with the same hope that Mark Hamilton has given me, then I will be happy with my contribution.

I am 52 years of age, and I have the spirit of a seven year old child. I love that about myself; that I have never become blind to the joy and beauty of nature. I may have become cynical about religion and spiritual things which have seemed more about money and greed, than about the nurture and care of our souls or spirits. I have definitely been skeptical and frustrated with politics and our government, especially as the ADA has been chipped away at, and access to places I would like to go in my wheelchair remains blocked. I watch and hope that the new Society will bring much needed changes to many aspects of society. And I will continue to do what I can with my writing and art, to ignite in people the spirit and hope of a seven year old child. Here is just such a poem;

Do you remember
that dream of peace
that each one of us has?
It’s within our reach,
if we can remember,
remember the dream,
oh remember the vision,
Can you remember the dream?
Oh, can you remember?

Do you remember the feeling
of exploring your world as a child?
Can you remember the simple joys?
The joys of childhood:
waking to a sun-filled room,
the exploration of ants,
the beauty of the flowers…
Can you remember?
Can you remember how much energy you had,
how excited you were to explore?

Now, just imagine–clean air,
clean beaches, clean water,
but it’s all up to us,
and each one of us has it
within them to help,
what a wonderful, wonderful
wonder filled world it will be,
an end to the senseless violence
an end to starvation
an end to homelessness,

Imagine, imagine, imagine
imagine putting our images-in-action,
imagine joy in just being alive,
imagine no more pleas for third-world babies,
imagine no more HIV…
it’s within reach, it’s within all of us
to make our dream a reality,
and each and every one of us
can make our dreams a reality,
and soon we’ll have the civilization
of the universe..

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