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James’ Testimonial

My Dream of WHAT the Neothink Society
Club House of Sacramento Is

My first live meeting with one other member of the Neothink Society was at a Starbucks Coffee Shop. I was rather excited meeting another Neothink Society member for the first time. I dressed casual and informal, but not like a slob. My wife who has been along with me in joining the Neothink Society, came with me. It was amazing to hear from a complete stranger some of the same ideas and teachings I have been learning and doing all my life.

My second live meeting with two other Neothink Society members was at another Starbucks Coffee Shop. Even though I was meeting two more Neothink Society members that I have never met before. I felt a little more comfortable about meeting them. I dressed the same as before as did my wife. While the last meeting lasted about an hour, this one lasted about three hours. What was so exciting and endearing about this meeting is that all who attended were so fired up about the Neothink Society, that we all started making plans for having a Neothink Society Club House here in Sacramento.

The next thing I knew, after contacting other Neothink Society members in the Sacramento area, my wife and I were meeting nine other Neothink Society members at a private reserved room at a Cocoa\’s restaurant. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Listening to all of these members and their ideas made my heart throb with anticipation of what is becoming one of the biggest events in my life. It was from this point on that I realized…..THIS COULD REALLY WORK !!!!!!!!

This A Team is not only going on strong and growing, but has also been chosen as one of the first A Teams to start the public launch.

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