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Hello, I live in the Northwest region of Ohio because I believe it is in the heart of America. I have always felt that the place where one calls their home is very important, as well, where one also expresses oneself, from the heart.
In the beginning I questioned the tactics used for me to join the society… then in researching… realized all the negative postings on the internet were a display of others blindness… something not of their own fault. My forefathers warned me of these naysayer’s, the journey to truth would be viewed as a threat by many. The pathway so few have walked, would be the direction to freedom from ignorance. Knowledge is the time tested truth from 3000 years ago, to gain power from within.
I have responded to the Neothink Society because it truly made me understand the answer to the questions that many people have, something already known, seeing others, see it too, simple, fundamental logic. We can only succeed in the future without destroying ourselves by “keeping it simple”:
Health, Wealth, and Safety.

I believe that there is a connection between all living beings, similar to that of computers and the wireless networks. Or, TV stations to a TV sets. We broadcast our inner selves outward to an infinite space,… our aura, connecting us to something wonderful that is happening, LIVE, living, loving life.

The true society would be a secret, for I knew we were never told the whole story. Now and forever, the time has come… to let the truth be known… so we can all be free to live the life we were meant to live…

Kerry H.

Neothink Society of Northwest Ohio 
Toledo and vicinities, OH

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