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For me the journey of a lifetime has never stopped and nor do I want it to, for the exiliration and excitement I get from experiencing life to it’s fullest stays with me throughout my day and even sparks wild but attainable dreams at night.  This is why I stay with the Neothink Society and this is why I’m so passioninate about it.  For even though there is a lot of work to do, it is good work we are doing here.  The best work in the world.  We are helping people realize their dreams, moving foward man’s evolutionary processes, and accelerating the new technologies that will make everyone on earth a prosperous happy individuals.  To me that is the greatest value you could ever want or ask for in life, and it is one I take very seriously but also at the same time very lightheartly because I want every member to feel welome and a sense of belonging to our own local clubhouse.  I am incredibly and deeply thankful for all the values Mark Hamilton has given me in all of the books he has written.  They are the most stunningly real, honest, thoughtful, intellectual works available ANYWEHRE today.  Most books point out little problems with society or personal habits, and little suggestions to help you improve…self help books.  Guess what?  They aren’t self help books.  They are self hurt books.  If you want real solutions to real situations in your life to improve and expand your knowledge to higher and higher degrees then these books are invaluable to both you and your family.  Ask yourself, am I really getting everything I can get out of life right now?  If the answer is no or even a maybe, then you definately want to at least check these books out that deal with any and all people, situations, and problems in your life with objective reality so honestly you will wonder if indeed you have been doing things wrong your whole life.  For me, these books have helped me extensively with my personal life and my family life, as well as dealing with business and real situations that I can truly benefit from every time.  I now am engaged to a beautiful, slender, attrative woman I would have never even thought I would even had a shot with, but with the Neothink Society secrets I am now a confident, intelligent man capable of dispelling all fear and irrationality within myself and feeling confident asking out the most attractive individuals.  And let me tell you, it is a great feeling!  I am very much happliy in love and I am very proud of myself for taking this huge personal leap in my life.  I now am going to concentrate getting the job of my dreams, and becoming the rich, successful honestly productive person I can be.  I’m very satified with what I’ve accomplished in the short time reading these life changing books and I’m so excited for what the future has in store for me.  I wish you too the same successes in life and I’m excited to grow with everyone here in this wonderful society.  I look foward to seeing you soon as a new member.  Thank you for reading my testimonial.  All the best to you and your loved ones—Michael


Minnesota A-Team 
St Paul, MN

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