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My Testimonial:
Good evening, good people. My name is Phil, and I am a willing member of the Neothink Society. Although all the recent changes in my life are probably not due to the Neothink Society, I believe that most of them are. And the Neothink Society has certainly helped in solidifying my changes, in making them concrete additions to my life.

The significant changes in my life are as follows:

1. I am one of the most positive people you have ever met. Asked, “How are you” on a regular basis, I always answer “Outstanding”. And this carries to everyday life; I often get asked to do something, and usually respond immediately (and cheerfully).

2. I am now one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. For many years, I “did my own thing” without bothering with other people except professionally; now, however, I always say, “hello” to everyone I meet at work, and quite often get a hug from the women friends.

3. My health is a wonder to me. I do not get colds, flu, or anything like that; if I do catch them, they are very mild. I have repeatedly waked up at night with the beginnings of a head cold, but on awakening the next morning it was gone.

I am told by my doctor that my immune system must be very strong, and I truly believe it is. And a big part of the reason for this strong immune system is the Neothink Society and its emphases.

4. My spouse and I enjoy life in all its glory. As far as we are concerned, we are each attached to the ideal partner.

5. I have found several “jobs” that I can say I really enjoy, all of which could be considered my Friday Night Essence, including writing. Lately, however, this has changed to the Neothink Society; they offer a lot, and what is not available now is being worked on. And I am willing to work.

6. Life is now good, and getting better.

Central PA Life Enhancement (The Peacock Corporation) 
Lancaster,, PA

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