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My thoughts take me immediately back to my early youth, everyday was an adventure. I can even now feel the excitement of waking up early to explore, play, have fun. Then at age five or six was given my first dose of mysticism, catholic school. I remember the first couple of years being fun. But then fear took over mostly from the religious dogma they were laying on us, daily brainwashing, beatings in my case, mainly due to my rebellious attitude and questions. I would receive beatings in school, and then when I went home, I would complain and my mother would beat me again. Enough of all that, they could never break me, and it only confirmed my thoughts that they were the one’s who were afraid. I knew at a very young age it was all bullshit anyway. In spite of the dysfunction of a large east coast irish catholic upbringing, I continued with my personal search for truth. High school was all about fun, sports, girls livin’ that American dream.  Then for me it was pick a career son, and maybe some college credits. Dropped out after one boring semester, and found myself at the draft board.  Next level of mysticism government force. Wound up a short time later in a strange exotic land fighting against what they said was communism, just another sick mystical ideology.  Fortunitely I was intelligent enough to realize this situation was just another hoax on America and our youth. Survived the insanity once again, and came home only to find out,  this was no longer home.  The whole country had changed,e verything was on fire ,change was in the air.  Enter level three mysticism, Free sex, drugs, alcohol, peace movement.  We went about it all the wrong way, only to find ourselves disillusioned and back on the search train. Sobriety brought me to my first spiritual experience, and yes I remember saying as things became much better every day, “there really is a god’ Went back to church, but god was not there, read the bible, knew for sure it had been manipulated.

Today I realize it wasn’t god or any other external power.  The changes were my conscious effort and search for a better more truthful experience, which is what I received.  By choosing to clean up my life, things became better all the time. This led me to think it was time for a honest Monogamous relationship. Met the woman I believed would be My lifetime partner, married and found myself in a short time dealing with all of her baggage, addictions, mysticisms. Obviously at the time I was not conscious enough nor did I have the tools to make this situation work. Two beautiful children came out of this relationship and I was determined to not have them go through the same family dysfunction that I had.I did know better than to go down with a sinking ship.

So I moved on alone with my life and my children.  Have you ever heard a man say, he left his wife and fell in love with his children.  This was my experience, and for the next fifteen years, I dove back into my spiritual search.  My quest led me down many different paths towards self awareness, manifesting abundance and prosperity, all great information, but for me it was just never enough. I knew there had to be something better.  Strangely enough in the fall of 2007 I was on my roof cleaning the flue in my chimney, an annual chore performed yearly.  On my way back down, the ladder came out from under me sending me airborne and crashing to the ground.  The fall which could have snapped my neck wound up breaking my collar bone in two places.  This immediately put an end to my construction business which I personally performed for twenty years.  Now I am confined to my living room chair and fire for the start of the winter season, and this unusual letter shows up prompting me to enter a 12 month life changing apprenticeship with the Neothink Society.  The fact that it had said I had been chosen because of my particular talents interested me, and the coincidence of just reading a astrological column, saying I would be entering a 18 month cycle culminating in financial independence also caught my attention.  One thing it didn’t say was that I was entering a cycle that would shatter many of the concepts and illusions that I was still carrying with me on my search for truth. Needless to say I burned through all the multigenerational books anticipating meeting my mentor.  My children would come home late at night with some friends, and say “that’s my dad reading those big black books, wondering why I was crying. Happy tears I would tell them, and one day you will understand that your dad joined this society to help secure your futures, and mine forever .Almost a year has passed, the leaves are just starting to turn, and everything is different now.  I am no longer searching for truth, but rather doing my best to live the truths I have found here in my new home in the Neothink Society…Love, Joy and prosperity to all..James  P.S. To be revised at level twelve.

Sierra Summit A-Team, Sierra Integrations LLC 
Reno/Tahoe, NV

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