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Hello everyone.  I have been a member since May 2008.  My testimony is most likely different than other members.  I always knew I was different; Different as in the story of the ugly duckling.  I was leading when most were following and my views in life were not like those around me.  My mere beginning should have given a clue.  I was born on the fifth day in the fifth month in the year fifty-five and sometime in the afternoon of the 5 o’clock hour.  Most individuals guess I am many years younger than my real age.  Even at a young age I have stated I will live forever; this has always been my mentality.  Longevity runs in my family up into their 90s and 100s.  One’s Attitude and Beliefs play a big part in living.  It took me a long time to realize I was not a duck, but a swan and thru the Neothink Society I am surrounding myself with swans. 

I grew up with the nickname Sunshine; guess that reflects my personality.  My user ID is a reflection of who I am and how I feel.  I am a happy positive individual.  I could probably provide a laundry list of my good qualities, however, I won’t; I’ll let you see for yourself as you get to know me.  I could write a book of my life experiences, an example – and as I walked into court one day, I was asked by an attorney I did not know if he could be my legal council for my movie rights.  (Will elaborate on that story someday) However; I am not much of a writer.  Some see my life as never being dull; never a boring moment, and always question, how did that happen?  I have stopped trying to figure out the whys in life; that only leads to confusion and less concentration on what needs to be focused on.  Some say I missed my calling in life, cause of my many talents; however, I am happy with who I am.

Again, always knew I was different than anyone around me or most individuals in today’s society.  Now, with coming in contact with Neothink, and others like me, finally figured out why.  Wow what a revelation.  Yes… there are others in this world like me.  I just finished level 7 and each level keeps me longing for more.  I can relate and associate my life with Miss Annabelle.  I have experienced and gone thru similar situations she went thru as the story unveils.  If you would like to learn more about who I am as a fellow member and share ideas.

My Friday night essence is helping others find or create the home of their dreams.  I recently applied for that exact job where I currently work.  This job is what I do as a hobby, wow; getting paid for my hobby will be fantastic.  What if we made everything we do our FNE from mundane as brushing one’s teeth in creating a great smile – to creating the best we can be?  An old saying from my grandmother; “When you look good, you feel good; when you feel good, you do good.”

I have attended 2 Clubhouse meetings and each has been motivational and inspirational.  I am happy to be a member and thank you for seeking me out.  Thank you Mark.  I deserve the best life has to offer because I am worth it; we all are!  I am proud to be part of changing the world; cannot wait for Neothink to go public. 

Wishing everyone Health, Love, Happiness, Wealth, and Prosperity!


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Greenbelt, MD

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