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My Testimonial: Years ago I heard that there were people in India who had the ability to pull whatever they wanted out of thin air.  I thought that if that were true it was pretty amazing and wondered how they were able to pull things out of thin air.  Thanks to the Neothink Society® I now know the answer to that that question because I am now personally experiencing that magic.  Just as Mark Hamilton described strangers now come up to me and start conversations and feel very comfortable sharing common denominators with me.  My life is very different today than it was one year ago first of all I have peace of mind.  My mom would always comment that I had never met a stranger.  Thanks to the Neothink Society that special quality has come full circle and I am living the life that I was meant to live.  My life is actually feels like a fairy tale and I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.  The Neothink Society rocks!!!

Neothink Society Chicagoland Area Super Chapter 
Park Ridge, IL  Linda

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